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Tailor-made features

Visiondrill incorporates all features available in a physical class including

Video Conferencing

Enjoy virtual meetings with our integrated video conferencing features (Visiondrill video conferencing).

Integrated Interactive Whiteboard

Whiteboard is integrated within the system to make teaching and learning process enjoyable within Visiondrill

Learning Management System

View student progress, upload course certificates, send announcements and more.

Content & Courses Uploading

Enrich your content with different lesson types such as word, power point documents, text files, pre-recorded videos and assignments.

Exams and CATS

Create different question types, set time limits (optional), control passing grade, show results, and much more.

Secure & enhanced login for students

Monetization system for all your courses

Sell your courses easily thanks to our integrated Paypal payment system.

Course Bundling

Group your courses together

Learning Network

Live audio based rooms

What makes us special?

We connect students to content through networks users build with their peers and instructors.

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